Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Services that provide complete flexibility

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who works remotely on behalf of a company to provide the required support services. A virtual assistant can step in and take care of all the tiny jobs, freeing up your time so you can manage your business. Our Trained virtual assistants complete your chores for you remotely, helping you on time, reducing your operational costs, and providing the best quality possible.

Why Choose a Web IT Assistant company as your Virtual Assistant Service Provider?

Give your administrative work to our best virtual assistants so you can focus your time and energy on expanding your business and generating more money. To get the advantages listed below, join us right away.

Low-Cost Benefit

Our solutions are intelligently priced and cost-effective to let us offer our clients customised solutions without worrying about their budgets. We provide our customers with flexible price options and personalised quotes.

Speedy Turnaround

We provide the industry's shortest TATs. Our client's profit from the time-zone advantage by using our services.

Boost customer engagement

Our Virtual assistants will increase customer engagement and retention by providing a quick, effective, and personalised customer experience. Over time, this will lead to long-lasting customer loyalty.

Personalized Services

With the utmost professionalism, we at Web IT Assistant take care of our client's needs for virtual assistance and ensure that we provide complete answers.

What are the benefits of Virtual Assistance Services?

When it comes to your unique business needs, Web IT Assistant works hard to discover the most suitable virtual assistant. Companies like ours that provide virtual assistance enable you to focus on your essential business operations while having a team of highly competent, qualified, and distant executives handle the non-core activities. 

How Virtual Assistants of Web IT Assistant Work?

Because a pair of hands isn’t always enough, we are your assisting hands. 

Find Us

Determine the services you want to assign to us. Contact us with your request via phone, email, Skype, or chat.

Set Up a Meeting

Your appointment will be scheduled after our team contacts you to learn more about your needs. Our team will assign the best-fitting VA based on that information.

Make the best plan choice.

Make a plan and estimate the number of hours you'll need. Uncertain of the required number of hours? Remain calm. If you give us a call, one of our virtual assistants will assist you in selecting the best plan for your needs.

Send us a task

To transmit tasks, utilise Skype, your registered email address, the phone, WhatsApp, or any of the others.

What are the services provided by Virtual Assistants of Web IT Assistant?

Virtual Assistants cover every kind of work that your assistant can’t handle together. There are so many things that our virtual assistants take off your shoulders. Some of them are as under:

Real Estate Support Services

Virtual assistants are essential in keeping a realtor organised and effective because there is so much labour involved in real estate transactions such as buying and selling homes. The creation of real estate packets for both buyers and sellers, mailings, and market analysis are all tasks that real estate virtual assistants, or REVAs, can assist with. They can also assist with data entry, graphic design, social media, website updates, and mailings.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and finance managers might cut their burden and free up their own time by hiring a virtual assistant. Our virtual helpers are experienced in data entry, managing accounts receivable, submitting paychecks to outside software, maintaining databases, and generating reports. In most cases, a virtual assistant who works with an accountant also supports general administrative duties.

Recruitment process

There is no denying that HR departments have a tonne of administrative work as part of their regular responsibilities. In terms of hiring and managing employees, this is especially important. Virtual assistants are ready to assist HR departments and free up precious resources.

Data management Solution

Our virtual assistant can quickly gather information, verify its accuracy, and eliminate redundant records. This is notably useful for school administration, billing, mailing, and patient record keeping. With our services, we help businesses save heaps of quality time if they have large volumes of data.

Insurance Business Process

For insurance companies and agencies, our virtual assistants have experience providing effective back-office support services. Given the ongoing operating expenses in the insurance industry, our clients have been able to attain new levels of business efficiency.

These listed services are a few of the ones we serve. You haven’t seen the service that you need?  Don’t worry, you can connect with us and we will guide you with all your questions.


With our highly talented team, we give clients ongoing support. For clients who only occasionally need assistance, we also offer project-based support. Most organisations can benefit from our Plans, but we may also create a package that is specific to your requirements. Our offerings include everything from marketing and graphic design to administration and online business management. A Virtual Assistant can assist you in performing market and vendor research, and examining new clients and market prospects.

A two-pronged strategy for increasing profitability is virtual assistant development. Through efficiency, it reduces overhead costs while raising revenue. Start-ups and more established businesses can both benefit from its affordable expansion strategy. This perk won’t be changing any time soon. By offering affordable solutions that enable businesses to grow enormously, outsourcing will keep growing.

Many of the same responsibilities that a personal assistant does are also carried out by a virtual assistant, but remotely. They can help with any assignment that can be finished on a computer or over the phone. These chores include planning travel, scheduling meetings, managing diaries, tracking expenses, preparing documents, maintaining social media accounts, and much more.