Frequently asked questions about virtual assistants

What is a virtual assistant? What are the tasks they are supposed to do?

When there is the time to get things to change and when you are thinking to free up your valuable time, Virtual Assistant works as the most secret weapon there. With remote work becoming common there is an increased demand for something called a Virtual assistant. Instead of having a greater number of employees on the payroll, many organisations find that hiring freelancers and independent contractors for specialised activities are more effective and cost-efficient. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who operates outside the client’s office to provide administrative support to clients.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding virtual assistants. These questions will let us know everything about how virtual assistants work, what qualifications they need, their roles, responsibilities, etc.

1. What do virtual assistants do?

Virtual assistants can operate in many different businesses, and the tasks they conduct will depend on the industry. To your knowledge, some of the services that they offer are listed as under

  • Administrative Services 
  • Social media management 
  • Accounting
  • General office administration like creating calendars, schedules, etc
  • Website management- Virtual assistants are more often seen with the responsibility of handling websites, taking care of emails, providing customer services, and answering and drafting the company’s press details
  • Real estate
  • Project Management

The above listed are a few of them, there are many more services that a virtual assistant offers.

2. What are the qualifications virtual assistants need?

Even though there is no strict educational qualification to become a virtual assistant, many clients will seek out those who have a more advanced degree or specialised training.

But in general, a virtual assistant should be computer literate, have a broad variety of computer skills and should be widely skilled in commonly used business tools and applications.

3. If a VA costs more than someone onsite, why would I want one?

Hiring virtual assistants for small-scale businesses can be cost-efficient and beneficial. It will be easy for them to outsource the task to the one who is skilled at it rather than wasting time on tedious work. They will be able to concentrate on their growth. 

Hiring virtual assistants can even give flexibility as they only have to sign the contract for the services they need. Virtual assistants are paid based on the task they perform rather than the number of hours they work. This way of working can be beneficial to the company rather than the traditional office setting where people are paid based on the number of hours they work.

4. How can one become a virtual assistant?

Experience plays a major role in every field. There are no particular qualifications required to become a virtual assistant. One must have expertise in the field he is applying for. At times there are many courses designed to educate people on the roles and duties of virtual assistants. Taking those courses to become a virtual assistant is not a compulsion but those courses will give a better insight into what skills are required by virtual assistants. 

5. Is hiring VA truly economical?

By truly economical, we mean to say that hiring a virtual assistant is cost-effective as compared to someone onsite as virtual assistants are paid for the work they do rather than the number of hours they work. Paying based on the number of hours can be cost-effective for the company as they will have to pay less and can get more work. 

6. How can virtual assistants help to boost productivity?

You don’t just gain an extra pair of hands when you hire a VA; you also get highly qualified workers who have been educated to automate and expedite procedures. A good virtual assistant (VA) will be able to make the most of productivity tools and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

7. How can we help you to get a virtual assistant that suits your company the best?

We have highly skilled people in different areas, who, if joined with any of the companies, could help them to boost their growth. We will help you to find a virtual assistant according to your needs. It will save time and free up your regular employees to work on other projects. This is possible if you hire a virtual assistant with the necessary knowledge to undertake this study.

8. How can a Virtual Assistant save your business cost?

A full-time salaried staff is not an unnecessary expense if you only need a little assistance. You can begin modestly and then gradually improve your bundle as your business develops. You spend an additional 30% of an employee’s income, or more, on benefits and vacation time when they are salaried or part-time personnel on your payroll. A virtual assistant, who works more independently, prevents it from happening. The office space, furniture, and other supplies that employees in the office require from you are not necessary. With their hiring, you don’t need anything as they are ready to work efficiently from home offices. You will thus save money in the form of actual costs.


Virtual assistants work at their doorstep and make the work of the companies quick and productive. Nowadays they are more in demand rather than on-site workers as this gives companies the time to scale up their business rather than focusing on tedious things. They help a lot in saving time. New companies emerging nowadays can hire virtual assistants to get expertise in all fields. Hire virtual assistants with us that can help you out technically and professionally and keep growing and expanding your business.

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